Automotive interior auxiliary materials

Taking advantage of Kyosei strengths in the development of functional non-woven fabrics and the speed of response to product supply, we will manufacture automotive parts using fiber materials. The products produced by our company are widely used in automobile interior parts such as seats, doors, and ceilings, and are used by many domestic automobile manufacturers.

Trunk floor

In addition to bonding processing of honeycomb, corrugated, hardboard and carpet,Install the parts. The carpet to be used can be matched from the color matching.

Tonneau Cover

The outer skin is sewn or the outer skin and wire are sewn together to sew into a specified shape.

Backing cloth

Urethane foam inside vehicle seats used as an insole part, It is used in most automobile seat pads to prevent noise generated by contact between urethane foam and the seat frame and to reinforce the foam itself.

Sound absorbing/insulating felt

The raw material fibers are spread like cotton, The felt material is made by entangling the fibers with needle processing and shrinking them. Cut into the required shape, It is a part that absorbs and insulates sound from the outside, installed inside the vehicle door, etc.

Molding felt

The felt material is heated, softened, and pressed while cooling to form a three-dimensional shape. It is used as a part on the vehicle interior side.

Press felt

It is used to adjust the shape and hardness of the sheet by giving hardness to the felt. It is possible to correspond to your desired weight, thickness, hardness and shape.

Anti-noise film

An insole part made of a film that is inserted between the urethane foam inside a vehicle seat pad and the seat frame. Installed on the seat frame side, it is used to prevent abnormal noise due to contact with urethane foam.

Non-woven tack tape

A tape-like part made by wrapping non-woven fabric with an adhesive surface.
It is often used after seat foaming to reinforce and correct the molding of urethane foam.

Various adhesive products

A seal-like part made by cutting felt or non-woven fabric with an adhesive surface into the required shape. It is used to prevent abnormal noise and reinforce contact points between vehicle parts.

Other sewing products

Using multiple sewing machines, we sew a combination of various materials such as woven fabric, non-woven fabric, and corrugated board.