Company philosophy

Do not have self-interest and have compassion for the world.

Keeping the above things firmly in mind, we will overcome the harsh environment and open up the future with “super-common sense”.

Mission & Vision

We are passionate about creating non-woven products and services that are a reflection of excellence. And promotes the highest standards of ethics,and product for the benefit of society goods.




We are planning to introduce a new other facilities for our customer, we positively promote the machines.

Our Products

Automotive interior auxiliary materials

Trunk floor

In addition to bonding processing of honeycomb, corrugated, hardboard and carpet,Install the parts. The carpet to be used can be matched from the color matching.

Tonneau Cover

The outer skin is sewn or the outer skin and wire are sewn together to sew into a specified shape.

Backing cloth

Urethane foam inside vehicle seats used as an insole part, It is used in most automobile seat pads to prevent noise generated by contact between urethane foam and the seat frame and to reinforce the foam itself.

Our Products